Our Mission

The Combine is an annual conference in Bloomington, Indiana that is the Midwest catalyst for creators, builders, and doers to discover new business and technology ideas.

About the Combine

The Combine is an annual non-profit, volunteer-run event that began in 2010. It is a project of the Humanetrix Foundation, Inc., a passionate group of entrepreneurial techies looking to connect innovators across the Midwest.

The Combine has served as a springboard for connecting more than 1500 passionate and driven individuals over the last 8 years. At the Combine, you’ll learn and network with nationally-renowned entrepreneurs and innovators. The ultimate goal of the event is to see what can be ‘harvested’ from these groups coming together – new businesses, community initiatives, partnerships.

Calling All Disruptors

The Combine is a place to be inspired by the people, ideas, and environments that drive technology and innovation. If you’re an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, developer, community leader, creative, or techie that wants to grow and create with like-minded individuals, this event is for you.

You’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to tech conferences, but if your aim is to explore the spark that ignites at the intersection of community, culture, creativity, capital, and code, then get yourself to Bloomington on April 4-6 for The Combine, for 2 days of techie goodness.

Innovation Lives Here

Bloomington, Indiana is the perfect location for this event. It’s the epicenter of all kinds of awesomeness that should be on your bucket list. Bloomington hosts a vibrant tech community, currently ranked in the Top 25 best cities for entrepreneurs by entrepreneur magazine, with a tech sector that has grown by over 80% in recent years, and has consistently been named one of the best small cities for livability, culture, food, business, and careers.

Come not only to surround yourself with some of the brightest people, greatest ideas and environment of tech and innovation, but also to experience what makes Bloomington, Bloomington.

The Combine was initiated as a partnership between SproutBox, The City of Bloomington, and The Bloomington Tech Partnership and has consistently been supported by The Cook Center for Entrepreneurship at Ivy Tech and the IU School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering.

About Humanetrix

The mission of Humanetrix is to mobilize technologists to improve themselves and their community. Humanetrix develops public interest technology tools and provides educational opportunities for technologists. Humanetrix activities primarily serve the Bloomington, Indiana and US Midwest areas.


Danise Alano-Martin (President)
Mike Allen
Katie Birge
Chris Borland (Treasurer)
Rick Dietz (Founder)
Will Emigh(Secretary)
Erin Erdmann
Nina Onesti
Mike Trotzke (Vice President)
Meghan Turner
Jennifer Turrentine