Participants at this year’s Civic Code + Design Challenge (Saturday Workshop, 10am – 12pm) will help refresh the City of Bloomington’s web-based issue reporting tool and have a chance of winning up to $1,000 in prize money, courtesy of the City’s Innovation Fund.

HFI Founder Rick Dietz
Rick Dietz, co-Founder of Humanetrix Foundation, Inc., and Director of City of Bloomington Information & Technology Services

The Challenge is hosted by the City of Bloomington’s Information & Technology Services Department and Department of Innovation, in partnership with BMG Hack, Bloomington’s civic coding brigade.

“Our continuing partnership with BMG Hack’s civic coders and designers is helping Bloomington expand and improve digital tools available in our community,” said Rick Dietz, Director of Bloomington Information & Technology Services Department and also co-founder of the Humanetrix Foundation, Inc., which is The Combine’s parent organization.

“The Code and Design Challenge engages community members to help expand our digital civic toolkit. Code and design for the people and by the people — creating digital services and tools to improve our community — is what this challenge is all about,” Dietz said.

The goal is to collaborate as a multidisciplinary team, bringing together design and code skillsets to elevate the application to its full potential. Whether you’re a developer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, or just interested in civic engagement, you’re welcome to attend the Civic Code + Design Challenge workshop to participate. End users are welcome too, to assist designers and coders in supporting the user experience.

Winning teams will help improve the City’s current web-based application that allows citizens to easily report issues ranging from potholes to playgrounds, from water to waste, and more.

Participants should bring a laptop and a desire to improve the Bloomington community. Teams can be any size, and can be formed in advance, or started at The Combine Workshop.

The winning team’s final app or design may (with some potential modification) be put into production use at the City of Bloomington.

Find out more technical information and requirements for the Civic Code + Design Challenge here.