Kevin has been involved in the Combine since very early on. He met some of the volunteers, heard about what they were doing, and began doing some video work. He had just quit a full-time gig, and was trying to figure out his next step, and the Combine was a great opportunity for him to reevaluate that passion he had for creating video. It wasn’t long after this that Kevin began working with Blueline and became a co-owner of the company. Blueline is a creative agency here in Bloomington, click here to learn more about the work they do.

“I never really thought of what I did as tech, I just wanted to create and tell stories. There ended up being a ton of overlap between tech and what I was doing with visual story-telling”

About two years ago, Blueline decided that they wanted to get more involved in the Combine. This also gave Blueline’s employees the opportunity to take the time off, work on the conference, attend it, support it, and contribute in growing Bloomington’s community. “A sense of place is important to us, we want to grow where we are planted. A lot of agencies grow and leave, we want to stay here, and support the brain power behind the Combine.”

Over the years it’s been Blueline’s goal to help make the event more fun and interactive. They didn’t want to just do event coverage, but to add to the experience. “When you start having people play games and joke it allows barriers to be broken and people have the chance to connect.”

Last year Blueline did a slow-motion video booth, which had a spin wheel that prompted you to do a challenge on camera. “It was a fun ice-breaker, as well as a way to get people engaged and excited about what was doing on.”

Kevin’s favorite moments have included the interviews you get to do with different people each year. “Having a conversation with people can get deep, and having that opportunity is awesome. You get to ask them all the questions you want to know, but also using it as a purpose to help the Combine was really cool.” He feels strongly about seeing what a community can do when it comes together on something, and he’s happy to have been able to start as being a participant to actually adding to this event in an impactful way.

A fun fact about Kevin

-He was really into speech and debate in high school, taking home 5th in debate at nationals. He planned on going to IU to be a lawyer, and then later becoming a senator. He met a guy in college who asked him to host “Home Sweet Home” on IU Student Television. That’s where he developed his love for making videos and changed his major.