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Past Speakers

Jimmy Wales

@jimmy_wales Founder Wikipedia

Arlan Hamilton

@ArlanWasHere Founder Backstage Capital

Chris Wanstrath

@defunkt CEO & Co-founder GitHub

Tara Hunt

@missrogue Founder Citizen Space and Pioneer, online and social media marketing

Jay Baer

@JayBaer Founder Convince and Convert

Max Temkin

@MaxTemkin Co-creator Cards Against Humanity

The Doubleclicks

@TheDoubleclicks Nerd-folk musical duo

Paul Singh

@paulsingh Entrepreneur, speaker, investor and Airstreamer

Ari Weinzweig

Co-owner and Found Partner The Zingerman’s Community of Business

Ben Huh

@benhuh CEO Pet Holdings, Inc.

Michael Ian Black

@michaelianblack Comedian, Chief Content Officer

Katherine Hague

Founder Female Funders

Ade Olonoh

@adeolonoh CEO and Founder Formspring

Lil Bub and Mike Bridavsky

@IAMLILBUB Internet cat sensation and her dude

Mike Kelleher

Computer Graphics Supervisor Blizzard Animation

Tony Conrad

@tonysphere Partner at True Ventures

Laura Gomez

@laura CEO and Founder Atipica

Max Yoder

@MaxYoder CEO, Co-Founder Lessonly

Merlin Mann

hotdogsladies Writer, blogger, and podcaster

Molly Lewis

@molly23 Songwriter and ukulelist